A steady voice amidst the great mess
Our culture has once again become
Emerges like a breeze filtering through
Newly green woodlands.

And the questions flood in
And we are reminded
       that all formed things are changing
And we are reminded
       that all things are insubstantial
And we are reminded
       to reflect on these realities of
The natural world.

To sweep doubt and its sticky familiarity from the path
Takes arms and hearts full of persistent wakefulness,
Takes buckets of confidence
Takes a point of view
       that places self

Patiently to the side, like placing one’s child
Out of harm’s way again,
While holding the steady candle of love amidst irritation.

Yet our human demands for comfort
Rise like invasive species in the natural woodlands
Of a culture aflame forever with agitation,
Which wants to sell us greed, hatred, and delusion

As the staples of a normal life.
Now, just as the earth accepts whatever is thrown upon it
Ajahn invites us to turn to reflections on presence
Like a bird on the path reflects on the moment

One eye on the grain and one eye on the sky.

csjasper       7/3/20